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I am a very creative person who has been drawing since before she could walk. I am a full time college student.
"Phantom" This one is done in just pencil and charcoal. the edges were burnt and it was glued to a white constrution paper to give it more of a glowing look.

"Dance! Draw! Dream!, Live! Laugh! Love!" done in just pencil. This drawing is mainly to just represent the words.

"Vampirates" this is a picture I did for a friend in high school. It was done in pencil and paint on an illustration board.

"Colorful Eye" done in only paint.

"ShaVonna" this was drawn when me and my friend alysha were about 16. It was done in pencil and charcoal on an illustration board. We have been friends since we were both a year old and only a week difference in age. I ended up giving her this picture on her graduation!

"Monster Can" an art assignment done in high school, that was done in just pencil.

"Tonikae" A drawing I did in high school for a friend named Tonikae the drawing was done in paint and pencil.

"Shaggy" just a random drawing I did in pencil and charcoal.

"The Shoe Assignment" we had to draw our shoes in an art class in high school. this was done in just pencil.

"Dr Pepper Can" an art assignment I had in high school that I did in pencil.

"Lilly sketches" done just in pencil and I never really got the time to finish them.

"Another Flower Assignment" this one didnt get completed either we were only suppose to draw them.

"My Grandparents" this is done in pencil and charcoal and was given to them as a christmas gift

This is me DaVonna

Hey I am DaVonna Carlson. I am 18 and am a full time college student. I currently dont have a major I am just doing my pre recs for now. I am doing my blog on art though, I know why not major in that. Its bacause artists dont make that much money so its just something I do for the fun of it. Although I was in art classes all through out high school. I will start selling my work on craigslist when I get the time to really start drawing more. Mainly for gas money to and from school. But for now I will just have this blog help me get better known for my drawings first. My life is very busy and thats the way I love it to be. I believe that setting goals keeps life from getting boring, and accomplishing them keeps life from being intimidating. That is why I believe it is very important to set goals that way you have a reason to live.

I recieved this scholorship from "Art Inustruction Schools". I took a test that i called to ask for and I got a 91% on the test. The school is known for making artists famous. I haven't yet decided whether or not to enroll but everytime I call the phone line is busy.

"Cozy Puppies"
 done in color pencil and pecil. The edges were burnt with a liter and a piece of construction paper was put to the back of the frame to make it looks nice.

"Puppies on a Chair"
I drew my sophmore year and gave to my parents. They were done in pencil on an Illustration board. It was an art assignment I had to do something realastic. Which is my specialty.

"Deja Vu" This picture was done in pencil and is a little old as you can tell. I can't even remember when I drew this but it is one of my favorites, just because I love the way the horse looks that is in it.

"Evil Beagle" This piece was done in colored pencil, pecil, paint, and charcoal. It is of my dog with horns and wings. The background color was mainly chosen to bring out his eyes.


"Stripes in Color" The tiger was done in paint and was given to my mom my jr year. I really dont have too much to say on it. It was just another class project.


"Hippie Mushroom"
The hippie mushroom was done in colored pencil. It was also put on 2 pieces of construcrtion paper. He is a lot different from my other pieces because he doesnt have any realistic value to him. He was just an experiement I wanted to try and I'm still unsure if I like him or not.

"Struggle in the Storm" You deffinately have to see this picture in person to truly enjoy it. It looks so much better in person. I drew it while I was waiting for class one day and thought about selling it till it got all bent up and lost its value. It is one that I have definately got a lot of compliments on. 

"A Moment to Capture" I dont have much to say about this piece either. Its done in pencil and charcoal.


"Beauty Only the Night Brought Out" This piece was done in pencil and charcoal and there really isnt really much to say about it. Its one of those pictures I just drew out of boredom.

This one was done on my cat PJ after she died. It was to help me feel better.

I have more drawings I only posted the ones that were most convienent for me at this time. I draw more then just animals too. I draw people and other things too. I dont currently have any pictures of my people drawings because I give away a lot of my drawings to friends but I will try to get pictures of them to post on here. I will also put more drawings on here as a keep drawing them and I will make notes on which ones are up on craigslist for sale. But I do take offers if there is one you are interested in unless I give it to someone then I might draw it for you for that offer but I dont always like to draw something a second time. I just loose interest in the whole drawing after a while. Well I love comments. Thank you, DaVonna Carlson